• Introduction


    The company was established in June 1995, and was transformed into a joint-stock company by Suichang Xingchang Paper Co., Ltd. in August 2015. It is a consumer and specialty paper enterprise with food and beverage packaging filter paper as its core. It integrates R&D, production and sales, and provides customers with all kinds of packaging materials such as tea, coffee, Chinese patent medicines and other consumer products. It is one of the leading industries in the industry. Taking tea, coffee and Chinese patent medicine filter paper as the core, it is a domestic enterprise that exports a large amount of heat-sealed food and beverage packaging filter paper and has a total sales volume.

    The company's international brand recognition is relatively high, with many internationally renowned brand end customers: such as Unilever, Tata, McDonald's, Starbucks, Empire Tea, etc., Southeast Asia has a high market share.

    The company has a professional R&D technical team, and the production capacity is ahead of schedule. The company has obtained 27 practical patents and 1 invention patent. It has successively been responsible for the formulation of four national standards. The sewage indicators and standard factory buildings are ahead of schedule, and the production capacity plan exceeds 20,000 tons.

    The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a brand-name product in Zhejiang Province, and a leading agricultural enterprise in the city. Domestic and international certification.

    Senior company team: The company has been engaged in the exploration and development of special filter paper since 2002. It has been responsible for the formulation and revision of national industry standards four times before and after. The senior management team is stable and has accumulated rich experience and contacts. The company has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It is 4km away from the Longli Expressway Exit and 3km away from the Suinchang Station of Quning High Speed Rail. It is located at the source of Qianou, a high-quality water source, suitable for the production of special consumer paper.