Eat Your Words! began as a project analyzing how we value ingredients, serve, and enjoy food. Each is an indicator of how a society functions and its cultural norms. Food writing informs eaters about how to engage with specific foods. Food writing reflects social issues, political, technological, and agricultural changes, and global relations, among other topics. Each analysis is paired with an original composition, varying from recipes, restaurant reviews, and editorials. We are what we eat is a truism, of course. But what we eat is informed by the way food is presented to us, visually and in writing. Consciously or not, we digest these messages and opinions and thus food writing becomes part of who we are, what we think, and what we do.

Eat Your Words! began as a New York 6 Think Tank Project of Tessa Jane "Flash" Kalinosky, with help from Professor Beck Krefting, Professor Dan Nathan, and Photographer Liv Anderson (and friends who eat the food she make). Tessa graduated from Skidmore College with a major in American studies and currently works as the Marketing Associate at the Brooklyn Kitchen, a kitchen supply store that also sells high quality groceries and hosts a wide variety of cooking classes. She has a reputation for making pies and showing everyone photos of her dogs.  

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